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Bacalao Men

Bacalao Men is characterized by the musical mixture of salsa brava, psychedelic rock and afro-latin rhythms. They have nearly 20 years of experience and their music is loaded with experimentation, humor and irony stories.

To their new miami-located line-up, led by Pablo Estacio, Luis and Rolando González have joined the crew along Julio Andrade and Germán Quintero from the Caracas-based version of the band.


From:  Venezuela 

Currently in: South Florida

Genres: Salsa brava, Psychedelic Rock and Afro-latin rhythms. 

Perfect for: Festivals, Hispanic Weddings, Danceable Parties. 

Language: Spanish  



Swan Swan

Your local cover-band with a twist. 

This good guys take their favorite music from REM, Gin Blossoms, The Police, Green Day, The Romantics, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Doors, Oasis, The Beatles and shape it their way to create an explosive energy inviting everyone to dance and sing along: They swan-swan it! 

From: Venezuela
Currently in: South Florida
Genres: Alternative, 90s
Perfect for: Bars, Festivals, Birthdays, Weddings, Employee Parties, Celebrations
Language: English


José Luis de la Paz

José Luis de la Paz (1967) is an award-winning guitarist, recognized in the three disciplines of Flamenco art. He is a virtuoso composer and performer whose original compositions range from the most traditional to the most experimental forms in flamenco music.

Although his practice is rooted in traditional flamenco, José Luis’ work goes far beyond its parameters, his music can not only be labeled as Flamenco. His commitment to his practice, his deep knowledge of tradition and roots combined with the desire for research and experimentation and his contemporary approach to flamenco music, give him great potential to be considered as one of the best guitarists of today.

From: Spain
Currently in: South Florida
Genres: Flamenco and World Music
Perfect for: Festivals, Theaters, Spanish Celebrations
Language: Instrumental. Spanish


Nexus Duo

Latin Grammy award winner Héctor Molina and Yaritzy Cabrera put together a marvelous Music Ensemble for giving any event a refined and sophisticated taste.
Both musician are proficient in their instruments (Cuatro, Guitar and Flute).

From: Venezuela
Currently in: South Florida
Genres: Instrumental
Perfect for: Weddings, Baptisms, Openings, Festivals, Dinner Parties, Welcoming Guests, Set the mood.



Héctor Molina

Latin Grammy award winner Héctor Molina is one of the most proficient and well-known composer and Cuatro player (Venezuelan instrument) of these days
By himself and with his ensembles, Héctor, who is also a virtuous Guitar player, astonishes any audience with his exceptional performance.
He takes over any genre and is equally good in world music, jazz, merengue, rock and roll, traditional Venezuelan genres and more!

From: Venezuela
Currently in: South Florida
Genres: Vast repertoire
Perfect for: Festivals, Theaters, Astonishing your guests.
Language: Instrumental